Fashion - hilsdonphoto


NBC Universal Television

Clear Channel

Discovery Channel

TV One - Unsung

Carson Daley Show - Last Call

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The CW Washington: Photos used in the CW Washington program called "Inner Loop"

Independent film - "Offline" - Still photography on set.

Coordinators for professional photography at the DC Short Film Festival for 4 consecutive years.

OPI Magazine

BMR Magazine - Tokyo, Japan

Soul Bag Magazine - France

Mashanyu Magazine - East Africa

IC Publications (African Banker Magazine)

Sister To Sister Magazine

TIME Entertainment

Verse Magazine

Gabriels The Magazine

Upscale Magazine

Golf Styles Magazine - Fashion article

HyGrade Magazine

Rolling Stone Magazine (web edition)


Express Newspaper

Washington Post

Washington Informer Newspaper

Washington City Paper

DC Lottery scratchers & promotional material

Metro rail platform billboards

Nineteenth Street NW by Rex Ghosh (Book)

The Roberts Memoranda: A Solution by Michael J. Hirrel (Book)

Yetta Young productions Theatre play: The Vagina Monologues, print and website photography

Pepe - The Mail Order Monkey Musical

Album Cover: Chuck Brown "We're About the Business" plus CD liner note photos.

Album Photography - Chuck Brown - We Got This -

Chucky Thompson - Hip-Hop producer (Lifeprint) - print/web

John "Gotti" Phipps - Hip-Hop sound engineer - print/web

Emily King - new talent on J Records (Lifeprint Productions)

Soul Train

Research In Motion (Blackberry PDA's)

Le Bustiere Lingerie!social/c1p01

Brody Flow Sunglasses

Jaanu Jewelry Designs LLC

Camille Gabriele Bags

Tashia Senn Designs

Beebs by Biba Fashion - Entire Online Catalogue & Promotional materials

Leo A Daley

Phillips 66

Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA)



DC Smiles

Modern Dentistry

Whitbread PLC (UK) Promotional material and menus for Restaurants

Congressional Black Caucus Journal

Department of Education

The Heritage Foundation

International Fund for Education and Self Help

Mercer University

University of Buffalo

University of Florida

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

IMF/World Bank

On stage photography at The Verizon Center, Washington D.C.

Royalty, Celebrities, Politicians, Ambassadors, and even the World's Tallest Man...


Stills Gallery (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool, England)

The Photographers Gallery (London, England)

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